Come Walk With Me

April 1, 2, 2013

Narrator: Reverend Terry Felt

The Voices

Rev. Joe Tagliaferre
John Gorham
Earl Altemose
James Sterrett
Ray Neiger

Village Voices Personnel:

Director Accompanists
Betsy Dallaire
Sandy Carnahan
Lee Grace Foulkrod
Ray Foulkrod
Don Parulo - Assistant Treasurer
John Simchick - Web Design

The Village Voices


Susan Altemose
Monica Fleck
Sharlene King
Beverly Lindemuth
Ruth Matson
Gaye Miller
Chrissy Myers
Elizabeth Scerbo
Bobbie Jean Smith
Violet Snyder
Henny Williamson


John Coccimiglio
Roland Dallaire
Jim Kearney
Craig Manhart
Dave Nicholls
Joyce Simchick

The Village Voices


Beverly Copelli
Evelyn Grant
Mandy Hauptner
Emily Holt
Patty Melani
Michaelyn Neiger
Wendy Smith


Ned Hauptner
George Miller
Ray Neiger
John Sobeck
Gary Smith
Paul VanAken

Our Special Thanks to .......

The Brockway Presbyterian Church and Rev. Joe Tagliaferre for the use of their sanctuary for our performances and for providing us a rehearsal home throughout the year.

The people of Brockway and the surrounding area for their attendance and generous support of all our performances.

Alice Zimmerman, Bobbi Jean Smith and Ruth Matson for designing and printing our programs.

To the guys and gals that serve as our stage crew. The ushers and all volunteers who helped to make this concert possible.